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            Windows patches and TopView

            Windows patches affect TopView operation. To ensure TopView runs successfully after a Windows patch, we recommend the following during the patching process:

            1. Shut down TopView Engine services before Windows patches
            2. Apply the Windows patch
            3. After the server has started back up, check to ensure all TopView Engine services are running in both:
              1. The Windows services dialog, and
              2. In the TopView Admin Tools application. It is possible for the TopView process to be running as a service but unable to start due to issues connecting to the data server. If the TopView process is running but does not appear able to connect, please:
                1. Restart the service. This is usually enough to correct any post-patch issues.
                2. Check the application logs in the TopView Admin Tools application, looking for logged errors, to expose any issues that need correcting.

            Sometimes, Windows will start the TopView Engine services and leave them in a bad state after a patch. This is why we recommend double-checking and restarting the service if there are issues.

            If reboots after Windows patches regularly start TopView in a bad state, we recommend setting the TopView service to use “Delayed Startup”.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 05:19 AM
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