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            Use Gmail for TopView email notification

            The following information provides details on using Gmail with TopView for both outgoing email (Notification) and incoming email (Alarm Acknowledge and information requests).

            TopView supports SSL/TLS for both outgoing and incoming email (for TopView versions 6.9 and greater). This is a current secure channel for internet communications.
            Google offers free Gmail accounts. They include the use of Gmail's outgoing (SMTP) and incoming (POP) mail servers. TopView can use these 2 mail server to send and receive email. Note: a free Gmail account has a limit of 500 outgoing emails per day (24 hour period).

            Google Apps Premier allows significantly more per day.

            In order to use Gmail's mail servers from TopView, the TopView computer must have access to the Internet (gmail.com) and the SMTP and POP ports mentioned below must not be blocked.

            Using Gmail for email

            Create a Gmail account (ex: xxx @gmail.com with password yyy)

            Log into your Gmail account and enable POP (if you want to use incoming email in TopView - this is not required for email notification)


            • Forwarding and POP/IMAPn
            • POP Download...Enable for all mail
            • Save your changes

            You may need to adjust Gmail's setting to allow access for "less secure apps".

            To avoid using "less secure apps", continue to the "With Two Factor" section below

            TopView Configurator Email Notification Settings screen

            Outgoing email

            SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com:587
            This specifies a non-default port 587, although the default 25 usually works

            • [X] Secure connection SSL
            • [X] Use SMTP Authentication
            • User: xxx @gmail.com
            • Password: yyy
            • From: xxx @gmail.com (will be used regardless of what you put in this field)
            • [Send test email] to another email account to verify outgoing email settings

            Incoming email settings (optional)

            • [X] Enable "Reply-to-email" Acknowledge
            • [X] Enable "TopView Information Request"
            • POP3 Server: pop.gmail.com:995
              This specifies a non-default port 995
            • Username: xxx @gmail.com
            • Password: yyy
            • Authentication: Auto
            • [X] Secure Connection, Implicit
            • Check the mailbox and wait: 20 seconds (or desired check interval for processing incoming email)
            • [Test] to verify POP settings

            With Two Factor Authentication ("more secure")

            To use Gmail without enabling access for "less secure apps" in your Google account, you will need to enable Two Factor Authentication.
            1. Enable Two Factor Authentication for your Google Account
            2. Create an App Password for TopView to use
            3. Enter the App Password into TopView's outgoing SMTP password field, and in the POP password field if incoming email is enabled for the TopView configuration.
            Changing your Google Account password will automatically revoke any App Passwords.
            TopView uses the accepted standard of SSL/TLS for secure communication with email servers. "Less secure" does not indicate that TopView is using bad security practices, it's how Google indicates that there are ways to keep your Google account's password unknown to the TopView application (which is a preferred security practice) as well as allowing your Google account to revoke access to TopView. Learn more about what "Less secure apps" means from Google.

            Updated: 26 Sep 2019 03:07 AM
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