When do I need to restart a running TopView Engine?

When do I need to restart a running TopView Engine?

Configuration settings and Global settings

Global and configuration-specific settings, edited in the TopView Configurator application, determine the behavior of a running TopView Engine. By default, the running Engine automatically applies global settings and does not automatically apply configuration-based settings. Global items include:
  • Global Notification Groups Note: the Default Email, Modem, and Voice Groups are stored as part of the configuration file.
  • Schedules
  • Contacts
  • Notification Message Templates
  • Logic Functions (automatic application of logic function changes can be disabled, see below)
By default, TopView reads the information in the configuration file (including the Default Email, Modem, and Voice recipient groups) and will not re-read the configuration file unless the TopView Engine is restarted (stopped/started) or the user reloads the configuration in an interactive version of the TopView Engine. This behavior allows changes to the configuration file without impacting the operation of a running TopView Engine until the user decides that the changes should take effect.

To apply configuration changes while running

You can change this behavior for a configuration by selecting "Apply configuration changes while running" on the "Engine Settings > General" screen in the TopView Configurator. If this option is selected, a running TopView Engine will reload the configuration each time the user saves the configuration file in the TopView Configurator. Most changes to existing tags (e.g. alarm limit change) can be applied without impacting the current state of the TopView Engine. Other changes require an internal/soft restart. The Configurator will warn you when the changes require an internal/soft restart. During an internal/soft restart, TopView can persist the existing alarm, acknowledge, and disable states if the "Persist alarms, acknowledge, and disable state during internal restart" option is also selected.

Prevent automatic application of Logic functions

As of TopView version 6.28, a global option can be set to prevent the automatic application of logic function changes to running TopView Engines.
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