VOIP and SIP issues

VOIP and SIP issues

If test voice notifications via VOIP are experiencing difficulties, we recommend the following tests and procedures:
  • Verify that the authorization name and password are correct for the SIP server
  • Can a softphone installed on the same computer as TopView connect to the SIP server? Can it also make and receive calls from the VOIP system? One softphone you can use is the 3CX Phone 6 for Windows (use this one over newer versions, which restrict access to only 3CX servers).
  • Is it possible the firewall is blocking SIP calls? Test your computer's firewall and port settings with the 3CX Firewall Checker client application.
    • Audio issues are typically due to the network or a firewall blocking or filtering the communication. SIP communication (call setup) and media (audio) communication happen on different ports, so both the SIP port (5060, or as specified in your SIP server address TopView setting) and the media ports (5000-30000, or as specified in TopView settings) need to be allowed through all firewalls and networks.
    • Run the "RemoteConnectionTest" and verify that the registration test passes.
    • See our VOIP Debugging page for more
  • Make sure you're running the most recent version of TopView available, along with any patches for that version.
  • If DTMF tones are not detected, see our DTMF issues page for more information.
We have a few general posts on TopView's use of VOIP for voice notifications:

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