Upgrading TopView under primary/backup configurations

Upgrading TopView running backup/failover configurations

This article contains additional recommendations for systems running backup configurations.
The TopView download page provides an upgrade plan and documentation. Please open and refer to that plan during this process.

If possible, the primary and failover machines should be upgraded at the same time because they may share things that may be version specific:
  1. Configuration information
  2. SQL Server tables (if you are logging alarms to SQL Server).
The upgrade process is fast so you should not need to be down for long.

When upgrading TopView running both primary and failover systems, we recommend the following plan: 
  1. Stop the TopView Engines on the primary and failover (failover should only be running the watchdog Engine)
  2. Close all TopView apps on primary machine
  3. Upgrade the primary machine Start the Engines on the primary machine
  4. Run Admin Tools on the primary machine - check the application log for any issues (warnings/errors)
  5. Close all TopView apps on failover machine
  6. Upgrade the failover machine
  7. Start the watchdog on the failover machine
  8. Run Admin Tools on the failover machine - check the application log for any issues (warnings/errors)
Be sure to read the upgrade instructions provided on the download page and follow the steps.

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