Tracing an alarm and its notifications: Alarm Actions Logs

Tracing an alarm and its notifications: Alarm Actions Logs

Alarm Actions Logs

TopView is commonly configured to send various notifications in response to an alarm. If TopView did not respond to an alarm with the expected behavior, you'll want to investigate to see what actions occurred for the alarm. These actions are stored, per alarm, in TopView's Alarm Actions Logs.

How to view Alarm Actions

Using the Remote Viewer

  1. Click [Alarm history and analytics] from the top of the screen
  2. Enter a time range and click [Search]
  3. Find the alarm event in the returned list
  4. Select this event in the list and click the [View selected alarm actions...] button

Using TopView Admin Tools

  1.  In the TopView Configurator, open the configuration file for the TopView Engine
  2. On the Tags and Limits screen, identify the row number of the alarm tag.  The row number is the first column of the alarm tag list.
  3. Run TopView Admin Tools (there is a link in the lower left corner of the Configurator)
  4. If you are running more than one TopView Engine, make sure the correct Engine is selected at the top of the screen
  5. From the left menu, select Alarm Logs
  6. On the right side of the screen
    1. Select the daily alarm log file for the day of the alarm
    2. Find the alarm event. The alarm event will start with "RowAlarm X" where X is the row number of the alarm
    3. Select the event and click the [View selected alarm actions...] button

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