TopView Engine in "Startup"

TopView Engine in "Startup"


When a TopView Engine starts or performs an internal restart, it enters the "Startup" operating state. Once "Startup" has completed the Engine will be in the "Running" operating state. 
Startup includes the following tasks:
  1. Reading the configuration for the Engine
  2. Connecting to the data server(s)
  3. Verifying all tags
If any of these tasks fail, the Engine will remain in the Startup state while it attempts to complete the tasks. No alarms or notifications will be sent until the Engine enters the Running state. 

How to check the Engine state and diagnose Startup issues

The current state is displayed on the Engine Status and Engine Services screens (Configurator and Admin Tools) and the Overview screen in Admin Tools. 
The Admin Tools application is an easy way to check the status of running TopView Engines. Launch the Admin Tools application, then select the TopView Engine you wish to check at the top. If the Engine you are trying to connect to is not listed, then it is not running so you should start the Engine.

If the Engine is running, verify that it is not in the "Startup" state:
  • Click the "Overview Summary" link in the left sidebar
  • Check the "Operating State" field in the "Operating state and system information" grouping
The operating state should be Running.
If the operating state is Startup:
  • Select "Application Logs" in the left sidebar
  • View the recent entries in todays application log for error messages that explain the startup issue

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