SyncThing recommendations

SyncThing recommendations

Our TopView failover guide recommends synchronizing various files and folders between the primary and redundant systems when using TopView in a failover configuration.

One syncing solution we recommend is Syncthing, an open-source solution that can sync files across a network.

Here are our recommendations for using Syncthing in a failover configuration.
  1. Share the entire TopView DataPath folder
    1. You can use "TopView Configurator" > "Tools" menu > "Open DataPath folder" to discover the configured DataPath
  2. Use the recommend ignore filter for the DataPath folder share
    1. This ensures that only the recommended files and folders are shared between primary and failover
  3. Ensure that Syncthing will automatically start up after any computer restarts. Guidance is provided in the article Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing v1 documentation.
The following ignore lines will include the TopView.INI file, CONFIG, Sounds, and Voice folders while excluding all other folders from syncing:

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