Significant delays in TopView SMS notifications using

Significant delays in TopView SMS notifications using

We are receiving many reports of SMS messages being delayed for long periods of time, up to 24 hours, when delivered through Verizon's email to text gateways: &


You are probably experiencing this issue if:
  1. SMS messages are received much later than expected
  2. TopView notifications are sent via email to [number] or [number]
  3. TopView's email-SMS logs show no errors in delivery to the email account
  4. Some email servers will show delivery issues to Verizon servers
  5. Often, Gmail is the email service in use

Verizon does not guarantee delivery or timeliness

There is confirmation from other customers in this forum post: Emails not arriving to @VZWPIX - Page 3 - Verizon Community.

At the end of page 3, there is a response from a customer support representative explaining (Re: I'm having the same issue but with @Vtext - Page 3 - Verizon Community):
The service is not indented to be used for large volumes of commercial messages. Due to the inherent limitations of Internet email, we are no able to provied assurance regarding the timelineness or receipt of messages sent using this service. Business and organizations looking to send a high volume of messages should subscribe to Verizon Enterprise Messaging.


If you'd like to explore alternatives to there are two for texting:
  1. Send messages through Twilio, here's their pricing page: SMS Pricing for Text Messaging - Twilio.
    1. Note: currently TopView supports outgoing only, but we plan to add incoming for acknowledgements soon (as of TopView v6.35 / July 2021).
  2. Send messages through a modem and texting plan. Here is our SMS recommended modems page.