Restoring a previous, backed-up, configuration file from TopView's Audit Backups folder

Restoring a previous, backed-up, configuration file from TopView's Audit Backups folder

TopView backs up configuration changes when configuration files are saved from TopView applications. Many different types of TopView configuration files are backed up, like:
  1. Configuration & tags changes
  2. Contacts, Schedules, Groups changes
  3. Alias and data source configuration changes
  4. etc.
These configuration changes are stored in the "<TopView Data Path>\Audit\Backup" folder.

If you want some help in determining what tag & limits changes to go back to, you might want to use the Tags & Limit changes utility.
Using TopView Admin Tools, or the tags & limits screen of the TopView Configurator, you can inspect Tag changes to determine when tag changes may have been made.

To restore a backup file

Find the back up file in the "Audit\Backup" folder, then:
  1. Copy the file to the CONFIG directory in the TopView Data Path
    1. If you are restoring a *.cfg file, be sure to also transfer the *.tags and *.meta files, as well. Then repeat the following steps for each of those files.
  2. Remove the current configuration file from the CONFIG directory
  3. Rename the back up file to match the previous configuration file name
  4. Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer, select "Properties", then verify that the "Read-only" attribute is unchecked. TopView marks backup files as read-only to prevent any unintentional changes to audit backup files.
Be sure to uncheck the "Read only" attribute from the backup file before putting into production or else subsequent attempts to modify the configuration file will fail

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