Ports used during TopView operation

Ports used during TopView operation

TopView can utilize a number of ports to perform its job, configure your firewall to allow communication over the following ports:
  • Notification-related ports
    • Email:
      • Any ports used for SMTP
        • Default 25, possibly 587
      • POP, default 110, if incoming email retrieval is active
      • IMAP ports, if incoming email retrieval is active
    • Voice notification via VOIP:
      • SIP port (TCP):
        • The SIP port is where the VOIP client and server negotiate call details.
        • 5060 TCP is the default for SIP communication (sometimes 5061). The SIP port can be configured in TopView.
      • Media ports (UDP): these ports are where the VOIP call audio communication takes place.. Media ports used during a call are negotiated by the client and server via the SIP protocol.
        • The default for TopView, and typical range, is 10000-20000. This range is configurable in TopView.
    • Any ports configured in TopView for SNMP communication
  • Remote Viewer ports
    • Each Engine sets a port for Remote Viewer communication. This port is configured by the user.
    • By default, TopView is set for Remote Viewer communication over port 6150, but you will need to open the Remote Viewer port in your firewall for each TopView Engine leveraging Remote Viewer.
  • Backup / Failover ports (TopView 6.37 and later versions)
    • The TCP Watchdog server can be hosted over a user-configured port.

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