Permissions error when launching TopView Configurator

Permissions error when launching TopView Configurator


Launching the TopView Configurator with a user account that may not have write permissions shows the following warning:

This warning is the result of TopView detecting that it may not have write permissions to the TopView Data Path, where TopView's configuration and data files are located. Insufficient access rights will cause the Configurator to behave in unexpected ways.


There are a few ways to grant the TopView Configurator access to its data files:

Run TopView Configurator under the Administrator’s account

There are a few ways to run the Configurator as an Administrator:
  1. By elevating the Configurator application: as of TopView 6.28, there is a button at the bottom left of the Configurator to do this: Run elevated button in the bottom left of the TopView Configurator application
  2. Setting the option to launch the application as an elevated user every launch. As of TopView version 6.28, there is a global option in the “Global Options” screen => “Applications” tab that will always run TopView Configurator under the elevated account. Clicking the link after "Running elevated" will bring up the relevant global options screen:
  3. By setting the application shortcut's launch properties to "Run As Administrator"

Modify the TopView Data Path’s permissions in Windows Explorer

Modify the Data Path folder's permissions to allow any user full control of the files and folders. For more information, see this MSDN article on Windows Files and Folder Permissions. To find the TopView Data Path, find "Exele TopView" in the Windows start menu, then click the link to "Open DataPath Folder".

Move the TopView Data Path

Move the TopView Data Path to a folder that has the permissions level you want. Here are some instructions on how to do this.
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