Install Contacts, Schedules, Groups application on a separate computer

Install Contacts, Schedules, Groups application on a separate computer

Access to Contacts, Schedules, Notification groups, and other global settings can be provided from a computer separate from the TopView server computer.
The Web Configurator is a much easier way to allow edits to contacts information from outside the TopView server machine.
Install TopView on the second machine but only allow access to the TVGlobal.exe app (the "TopView Contacts, Schedules, Global Settings" application). For the license file you can enter the word FREE which will allow you to run TVGlobal.exe.
Then, the relevant configuration files must be shared between the two computers. There are two main methods to do this:
  1. Syncing the files between the two computers' TopView data paths using sync tools (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). Some syncing tools you can use are:
    1. Syncthing
    2. SyncBack from 2BrightSparks (non-server OS)
    3. FreeFileSync (server OS)
  2. Create a network share for the TopView data path and point and configure the second machine to look at the DataPath of the primary TopView machine through that share.
If you choose to implement the second option, the network share, here are the steps:
  1. Primary machine:
    • Share the TopView DataPath (default location is "c:\ProgramData\Exele\TopView"), lets assume this is "\\primary\tvdatapath"
  2. Secondary machine:
    • Install TopView
    • Edit the file %windir%\topview.ini (default location "c:\windows\topview.ini")
    • Change the DataPath= line to DataPath=\\primary\tvdatapath
    • When you run TVGlobal.exe on the second machine it should be able to see the contacts, schedules, … from the primary machine

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