How to: Move the TopView DataPath

How to: Move the TopView DataPath

During the TopView installation, the user selects a location for the TopView DataPath. The TopView DataPath is a folder (and sub-folders) where the users of TopView have read/write permission. The DataPath stores configuration information, logs, audit trail, and possibly reports. In some cases, the user may want to move the location of DataPath and preserve the information that already exists in DataPath. Reasons may include:
  • IT required changes to selected location
  • Desire to move DataPath to a file server in order to share the DataPath between a primary and fail-over TopView computer.

Steps for moving DataPath from folder DP1 to DP2

To view the current DataPath (DP1), select Start > Programs > Exele TopView > More > Open DataPath folder.

1. Copy all data files to the new location

  • Stop all TopView Engine instances and TopView applications
  • Copy all files and subfolders from DP1 to DP2

2. Change the data path in TopView's configuration file

  • Select Start -> Run
  • Enter "%windir%\TopView.ini Notepad should open and display the contents of the file TopView.ini
  • TopView.ini should contain a setting in the [Environment] section for current DataPath (DP1)Example:
  • Change this entry to point to DP2. Instead of deleting the current setting (DP1), add "#" to the start of the line to comment this setting, then add a new line for DP2.Example (comment DP1, add DP2):

3. Update any settings that may still point to the previous data path

  • Run the TopView Configurator
  • Select "Configuration files" from the left menu
    • The "Current storage location" may show DP1\Config which is the old location. Click the [Set to default] button to change this to DP2\Config
  • For each configuration file, open it in the Configurator:
    • If you have any HTML Snapshot Reports that save the report to a subfolder of DP1, change the report settings to write the report to DP2
    • If you have any Scheduled Alarm Reports that save the report to a subfolder of DP1, change the report settings to write the report to DP2
    • If you have any RSS Feeds that save the RSS feed file to a subfolder of DP1, change the RSS Feed settings to write the report to DP2
    • If you have any WAV files present and referenced by configurations, ensure that those are still accessible because (for 6.34 and earlier) WAV files could exist outside the DataPath. We recommend moving any WAV files in use files to the DataPath\Sounds folder and updating configuration references to use them from within that DataPath folder.
    • If you are running this configuration as a TopView Service:
      • Select "Services" from the left menu.
      • Verify that the Service settings are correct (Startup type, LogOn account) and click [Re-install].
      • Verify that the configuration file listed for the Service is the one located in DP2
      • Modify any desktop or start menu shortcuts that you may have created to launch the TopView engine. The launch string contains the location of the TopView configuration file (it should be changed to the DP2 location)
      • Backup DP1 and remove the folder to prevent accidental usage of DP1
      • Restart the TopView Engine(s) interactively or as Services based on how you have been running TopView before the move.

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