How to locate your TopView license file

How to locate your TopView license file

Each TopView installation has a license file per data source (OPC, PI, ...) which was delivered with the product. The license file is usually stored locally in a location accessible to all users.
During the installation the user stored the file and pointed TopView to the location of the file.

To see the location of the current license file:
  1. Launch the TopView Configurator
  2. In newer versions of TopView, click the [License...] button in the upper right corner

  3. If the [License...] button does not exist in your version, select "Tools...TopView license" from the top menu
The license dialog will display the license file for each data source. 

If you cannot run TopView Configurator due to a licensing issue, find the license file path in the file system:
  1. Open the Windows Start Menu
  2. Open "Exele TopView" > "Open TopView DataPath Folder"
  3. Find and open the "license.ini" file
The license file path is under the entry for the data source you use with TopView.

If you have a DataPath that is on a network share for a redundant TopView configuration, you may have to check "%windir%\TopView.ini" for the location of the license.ini file mentioned above.

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