How to apply or update a license in TopView

How to apply or update a license in TopView

Updating your license
If you upgrade your TopView license (increase tag count or add Remote Viewers) or purchase TopView, you will be sent a new license file.
If you'd like to request an upgraded license, please use our license update request form.

In order to use the new license, you do not need to re-install the product. You only need to “point to” the new license file.

Where to store the license file?

The license file needs to be accessible by TopView applications and should not be stored in a user-specific location, like My Documents, or a mapped network drive.
We recommend storing the license file in the TopView DataPath. The default location for the DataPath is C:\ProgramData\Exele\TopView.
To access your DataPath, click:
[Start]…All Programs…Exele TopView...Open DataPath folder
from the TopView Configurator top menu select Tools>Open DataPath folder

Configure TopView to use the new license file

If you are running an evaluation version that has expired, launching the TopView Configurator will prompt you for the location of the new license file.
  1. Run the TopView Configurator
  2. Click the [License] button in the upper right corner
    1. If this button is not visible, select Tools > TopView License from the top menu
  3. Select the location of the new license file for your data source (OPC/SCADA, PI, SQL, …) and click [OK] to close the license screen
  4. TopView 6.34 and earlier:
    1. Restart any running TopView applications or TopView Engine Services
  5. TopView 6.35 and later:
    1. Running TopView Engines will automatically apply the new license if the license is valid
    2. To verify that the license has been applied to running Engines:
      1. Run TopView Admin Tools
      2. From the Engines dropdown at the top of the screen, verify that the select Engine is for the same data source (OPC/SCADA, PI, SQL, ...) as the license file that you just applied
      3. Select "Overview Summary" from the left menu
      4. At the top of the Overview Summary screen, verify that the license file name matches the license file you just applied and that the license details are correct
      5. If the license file was not applied by the running Engine it may not be valid. Any errors related to the license failure will be logged to the application log.
        From the left menu select "Application Logs" to view any license error messages.
Any TopView applications or Services running during the license change will need to be restarted
(versions 6.34 and below)

License version differences

Since TopView 6.31.1, TopView engines will accept any license that is greater than the installed version.
For example: if your installed version of TopView is version 6.36, TopView engines will accept a license file from TopView version 7.
TopView licenses will work for previous versions of TopView. This means a 6.37 license is valid for a 6.35 engine (i.e. engine version is lower than licensed version).

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