SIP.US Call settings for TopView and troubleshooting

SIP.US Call settings for TopView and troubleshooting

General recommendations

  1. SIP.US call settings do not require registration, as per their knowledge base article. Registration required should be unchecked in TopView voice call settings when using SIP.US.
  2. Ensure phone numbers used for notification start with "1", whether through TopView's prefix settings or directly in the contact database
  3. Some regions / telecom providers may not connect calls if the caller ID is not specified in SIP.US settings. You can override the caller ID for outgoing calls from TopView in the 'CallerID Override' setting in your Trunk Settings, by using the customer portal @ This will make it so all calls, no matter what extensions or device is being used, will have the same CallerID value. The number to use for the override is the outgoing phone number tied to your SIP.US account.

Note: Technically, trunk registration is not required to make an outbound call as it is primarily used to store the contact information used by SIP.US to send you inbound calls, however it is a great indicator to see that things are setup properly.

Make sure you are sending calls with a ‘1’ in front of the number. 

Audio issues

If phone calls reach the destination but you are experiencing audio issues with SIP.US (can't hear audio for the call), please review your firewall and network settings. SIP.US provides a good reference for how media/audio works and steps to take in their article "I Don't Have Audio – Help Center (".

If you continue to experience audio issues with SIP.US, please reach out to their support. They are responsive and can help you assess what issues may be occurring.

SIP.US Support can be reached through their Help Center (
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