Error 1606 Could not access network location

Error 1606 Could not access network location


This Windows Installer error can occur during a TopView upgrade or uninstall if a location/device specified during a previous TopView installation is no longer accessible.
How this can occur:
  1. The TopView DataPath entered during the most recent TopView installation was set to a network share
  2. After the installation, the user manually changed the location of the DataPath to a different network share
  3. The previous share was removed
The Windows Installer is attempting to access the locations/devices from the previous installation as part of the uninstall or upgrade. The Windows Installer records these locations from the previous installation and a failure to access the location is considered a Windows Installer failure. The uninstall or upgrade fails to complete. 

How to fix

There are two options for fixing this issue

Option 1: Recreate the previous network share (displayed in the error message description)

This is the easiest way to fix the 1606 error for a network share that no longer exists.
Note: If the 1606 error message displays a share name and subfolder you do not need to create the subfolder. You only need to recreate the share location \\machine\share. The contents of this share can be empty.
If the machine name has changed it may be difficult to recreate the share unless the previous machine still exists or you create a new machine/VM with the previous machine name.
Ensure that permissions of the share allow the TopView machine and installation to view/edit the share.  
Once the share has been recreated you can perform the TopView uninstall or upgrade.

Option 2: Uninstall TopView using Microsoft fix it utility or 3rd party uninstall tool

You cannot uninstall TopView using the previous TopView installation or from “Add/Remove Programs and Features” because it will fail with error 1606.
Instead, you can use the Microsoft fix it utility to remove the previous TopView installation. If you are performing an upgrade you can then install the new version of TopView.
Download and run the Microsoft fix it tool:
  1. Run the Fit It and click [Next]
  2. Problems installing or uninstalling: choose “Uninstalling”
  3. Choose TopView from the installed programs list
  4. Choose “Yes, try to uninstall”
  5. If successful TopView should now be uninstalled
If you are upgrading you can now install the newer TopView version.
Note: If you cannot successfully run Microsoft Fix It utility you can try another 3rd party uninstall utility.