Counting data servers for TopView PI with AF support

Counting data servers for TopView PI with AF support

The TopView license includes a licensed number of data servers. For TopView PI, a data server is a PI Server. Starting with TopView PI version 6.26, TopView PI supports accessing both PI tags and AF attributes. Accessing the same PI Server through both a PI tag and AF attribute (PI tag reference attribute) is counted as 2 data servers. Here are the details: A license for TopView PI allows the user to monitor PI tags and AF attributes using the PISDK and/or AFSDK.
  • Monitored PI tags: each monitored PI tag has an associated PI Server. TopView will count each unique PI Server of the monitored PI tags as one data server.
  • Monitored AF Attributes: each monitored AF attribute has an associated AF Server. If the AF attribute is a PI tag data reference, TopView will count each unique AF Server\PI Server of the monitored attributes as one data server.
Running engines display both connected servers as well as servers that count against the license. These can be viewed in the TopView Admin Tools application on the Overview screen.


TopView is monitoring the following PI tags and AF attributes:
  1. PI tag ‘tag001’ on PI Server “piserver01’
  2. PI tag ‘tag002’ on PI Server “piserver01’
  3. PI tag ‘tag003’ on PI Server “piserver02’
  4. Attribute ‘\\afserver1\database1\element\att1’ with no data reference
  5. Attribute ‘\\afserver1\database1\element\att2’ with data reference to PI tag ‘tag004’ on ‘piserver01’
  6. Attribute ‘\\afserver1\database1\element\att3’ with data reference to PI tag ‘tag005’ on ‘piserver01’
Example Data Server count = 3:
  1. piserver01: accessed by PI tags (tag001, tag002)
  2. piserver02: accessed by PI tags (tag003)
  3. afserver1\piserver01: accessed by AF attributes with PI tag data references (att2, att3)
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