Backing up TopView

Backing up TopView

How to backup TopView

We suggest that you make periodic backups of the TopView configuration information and logs. You can perform this task while TopView is running.

These instructions assume that you have the installation program available. Therefore, you only need to make a backup of the files that are not installed during the TopView installation.

During the installation, the user selected the installation path (ProgramPath) and the data files path (DataPath). All configuration information (TopView configuration files, Global notification groups, Schedules, Contacts), log files, and other data are stored in the DataPath folder or one of the DataPath sub-folders.

Backup steps

  1. Open the TopView DataPath folder: Go to the start menu > "Exele TopView" > "Open DataPath folder" (using Windows 10)
  2. Make a copy of this folder and sub-folders and store it in a separate location, preferable on a separate drive or computer.

Audit log functionality

TopView 6.3.0 and later supports automatic backup of configurations, contacts, schedules, and global recipients.

Whenever a configuration file is changed: a copy is made, marked as a read-only file, and put in TopView's DataPath under the Audit\Backup folder. This automatic procedure does not backup your log files to another disk or computer, and does not replace regularly performing the backup steps posted above.
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