Backing up OPCcalc

Backing up OPCcalc

During OPCcalc installation the user selects a “Data path” and “Program Path”. The default locations are:
  1. Program path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Exele\OPCcalc
  2. Data path: C:\ProgramData\Exele\OPCcalc
You can check the location of your paths if you view the file %windir%\OPCcalc.ini (default is c:\windows\OPCcalc.ini).

The Data path contains all of your configuration data: libraries, library execution intervals, etc.

The Program path contains the installed OPCcalc applications: Equation Editor, Scheduler, etc.
If you back up the entire data path folders and files, you have a complete backup of your OPCcalc configuration. You can recover by installing the application and copying your data path into the installed data path.

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